Top 10 hairstyles for women over 40 or 50 years

Top 10 hairstyles for women over 40 or 50 years
Top 10 hairstyles for women over 40 or 50 years

10 – The bob minutely disheveled :

for women, always trying to outdo each other in the uniqueness of outfits and hairstyles is an asset. There are women who try to express bold ideas in their looks and those who try to stick to the classical style, reflected in images of tender beauty.

Either way, your prom hairstyle needs to highlight your character and match all the elements of your look, including your dress, accessories and makeup. Realizing that the choice of the hairstyle is literally the most important step of your preparations for the ball.

9- The sexy hairstyle :

Take the plunge and adopt a sexy and disheveled court !

The short cut instantly brings an effect of freshness and dynamism!

Prefer the messy effect that gives even more pep and can be worn both at work and for a romantic dinner.

8- The angled bob hairstyle :

The angled bob highlights the features of your face while refining it.

Go ahead and prefer a bob at the nape of the neck that will give you a candid and romantic attitude.

The straight fringe, cut at the level of the eyebrows and tapered, is the detail of this cut that brings lightness without any efforts.

7- The bob with lock of hair on the side :

An alternative to the bob with fringe for those who are not ready for it ! The bob with a lock is a more flexible hairstyle, so it can be worn smooth or disheveled easily.

The wick is perfect to hide small imperfections and focus on your pretty smile!

6- A warm color sweep for dark hair :

If your hair is rather dark brown to brown, opt for a sweep auburn or copper. The locks will give a structure to your hairstyle while giving you a soft and warm air.

Combined with a mid-length or slightly wavy hairstyle, it’s the perfect combination for a subtle change !

5- A baby sweeping baby for lighter hair :

For blonde to blonde hair, a baby blond sweep will brighten your face like magic!

The blond has the advantage of softening the features and bringing lightness to your look. It is recommended on hair lighter and sweeping for a natural and glamorous.

4- The twisted bun :

There are days like this where your hair does not want to cooperate … Why stubborn when we can easily tame them in a beautiful bun?

The twisted bun clears your face without giving you a stern look – think for that to leave a few wicks float at the temples and separation.

A neat and romantic hairstyle, ideal for special occasions or on the contrary to magnify a simple jean-shirt look.

3- The asymmetrical bob :

For those of us who appreciate the very graphic hairstyles, the asymmetrical bob is the perfect option !

In addition of lightning and enhancing the face, this cut brings confidence to your attitude.

A real Wonder Woman hair cut!

2- Avoid too long hair :

The long hair of mermaid makes fantasize many of us !

Certainly very feminine, this hair cut unfortunately does not fit to everyone – and usually even less when leaving the twenties. Instead of rejuvenating you, the long hair lengthens your face and weighs down your figure. Prefer a maximum length above the chest.

1- Avoid too contrasted color changes :

Nature is generally well done and your natural color often matches your skin tone.

Go from a light blonde to a raven black – or vice versa – is a risk to take.

To bring vitality to your hairstyle, nothing beats subtle and controlled changes, and no extreme revolutions !


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