Pixie Hairstyles to refresh your face


Twisting pixie hairstyle is always the best way to bring style to fashion and enhance the volume of short hair. But a new short layered hairstyle can refresh your face in a spectacular way! It is easy to vary these short hairstyles according to your mood and the occasion. So enjoy your eyes on another superb gallery of trendy twisted pixie haircuts that features the latest in new hair colors!

All very short layered hairstyles are very successful with the new hair colours. This light beige blond shade is soft and pretty, with only a little ash tone to keep it fashionable. Longer layers at the top give more shape and volume, while the messy texture creates an elegant and relaxed look.

Asymmetrical orange and beige-blonde and twisted elf hairstyle

Another excellent solution to increase the volume of short hair is to obtain another layer of light hair on the longest top layers. The purpose is to add a little more ripple, more than full curls. And the extra curl in the hair makes it super easy to wash and style with minimal effort. This modern coloured model ranges from burnt orange to neck, bright copper and peach blond, to finish smoothly!


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