Pixie Hairstyles to refresh your face

Twisting pixie hairstyle is always the best way to bring style to fashion and enhance the volume of short hair. But a new short layered hairstyle can refresh your face in a spectacular way! It is easy to vary these short hairstyles according to your mood and the occasion. So enjoy your eyes on another superb gallery of trendy twisted pixie haircuts that features the latest in new hair colors!

All very short layered hairstyles are very successful with the new hair colours. This light beige blond shade is soft and pretty, with only a little ash tone to keep it fashionable. Longer layers at the top give more shape and volume, while the messy texture creates an elegant and relaxed look.

Asymmetrical orange and beige-blonde and twisted elf hairstyle

Another excellent solution to increase the volume of short hair is to obtain another layer of light hair on the longest top layers. The purpose is to add a little more ripple, more than full curls. And the extra curl in the hair makes it super easy to wash and style with minimal effort. This modern coloured model ranges from burnt orange to neck, bright copper and peach blond, to finish smoothly!

Asymmetrical orange and beige-blonde and twisted elf hairstyle

Bendy’s waves on a bobbin pixie hairstyle stacked with silver ash and in disorder

What characterizes this short layered hairstyle and elegant are the beautiful metallic and silvery blonde colours with a touch of ashen tonality and a little colour.  It is more refined than white-blonde and blends well with the skin with a fresh foundation. The style is visionary, with curved waves and well-defined strands that give an interesting look and style.

Shaved pixie hairstyle on the back and sides

With this trendy shave, you get a trendy shadow that disappears at the back and sides of the hairstyle. The flanks are carefully decorated with the geometric and well-defined shape of the short hairs. The creative contrast with the ashen blond waves tilted upwards is therefore attractive. highlights Hair  with tapered ends soften the silhouette between the shaved texture and the tousled top.

Eccentric color silver-short blonde hairstyle

This trendy summer hairstyle features a multitude of details that reveal trends and reflect a lot of light to create a short and surprising hairstyle. The sides and back are short and well defined, with clear lines. In addition, you can also shape the face by lengthening the upper layers to make a larger plush or by thinning the forehead down in a sparkling way. The textures are so varied that the grey and silver colours glitter in a sumptuous 3D style!

Flirty corrugated short cut with fringes

The soft grey tones highlighted by a professionally applied silver sweep make this layered hair very elegant and feminine to try. There is an interesting volume around the head and well-defined curved waves that overlap to create superb textures and patterns. The short lateral points have delicate ears and distinctive earrings. And the separate strands of the wavy fringe soften and even out the face.

Elegant short hair with textured surface strands

Short layered hair of pixie never seen before, which gives full notes to this ingenious stylist! It is suitable for medium to thick hair, which needs density to achieve the desired look. The stylist replaced the horizontal layers with cut vertical layers to create clean, defined streaks on the surface. And when you highlight them with a beautiful blonde sweep, the pattern, texture and gesture are beautiful!

Pixie on dark brown hair

This short layered hairstyle is very close to the haircut of boys and makes it a very attractive and trendy female style. An artistic and artistic version of what happens when the wind blows with animated movements! The front fringe and the long, sharp sides perfectly conclude a very stylish and short hairstyle.

Sweeping a short blond bob with coral pink

This summer hairstyle is a new and superb shade of pearly blonde, asymmetrical. Softer and more fashionable than the white blonde, it goes perfectly with freshly colored skin.  This result can be achieved on fine hair, as darker roots and a pretty coral pink sweep enhance hair color and restore a more beautiful look. Present your forehead to give volume to your face, or raise the fringe laterally to reduce the silhouette of a long face.

Simple pixie hairdo with a visible fringes

This short and punchy cut highlights the well-formed eyebrows and eyes and draws attention to the face, which has a long shape. It is suitable for thick brown hair, with dense material to give a beautiful rounded volume. This hairstyle has “cut layers” that allow you to control thick hair and create tapered ends. The hair highlights on the side, which are slightly swept sideways, soften the line, while the rounded contours on the sides of the fringe perfectly cushion a long chin!Whatever the morphology of your face or the complexion of your skin, a flattering, twisting pixie hairstyle is available to rejuvenate your figure today!


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