15 hairstyles for short hair for the summer


Haircutsmag – Short hairstyles and degraded are very trendy in the fashion and beauty industry today. The styles can be bold, sensual, cute or glamorous! In this article we will give you an overview of 15 different kinds of hairstyles that are flourishing in the fashion industry nowadays!

1- Square with simple and light degraded :

This degraded square is so beautiful! The light degraded is glamorous and graceful, but always modern. Or if you want a square in which the layers or sections are separated into distinct pieces to create a textured or tousled effect, just like this one, show your stylist pictures so that he or she can simply understand what degraded you like.

For a youthful and timeless look, you can try this beautiful boyish cut. This cut is a perfect blend of smooth and messy. You can smooth it back for an evening look, or use hair products to give it a stylish look (literally “inspired by the head you have in the morning when you get up from bed”).


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