Ready for a Hair Color Makeover? Discover the Hottest Trends in 2024!

Hair Color

Bronde – The contrast between brown and blonde Bronde

a blend of “brunette” and “blonde,” is a new color trend that has been gaining popularity for several seasons. This hair color offers contrast and dimension to your locks while requiring less maintenance. It’s an ideal option for individuals who don’t want to constantly schedule appointments for touch-ups and root coverage.

Hair Color

Blond Champagne, the Touch of Pink

Blond Champagne is the top new trend of 2023, a sparkling and subtly bold hair color. Setting itself apart from other shades of blond, it incorporates a touch of pink that catches the light, resulting in a radiant effect on your hair while also warming up your complexion.

Hair Color

Blond Champagne is best suited for hair with a lighter base. It is recommended to maintain this hair color with hair care products that protect blond hair.

Oyster Grey, the Gray Trend

Gray has been in fashion for a few years now and continues to be popular in 2023. Oyster Grey, a platinum blond with silver highlights, is the new hair color that is captivating the internet. This hair color softens the face and is particularly recommended for individuals with blonde or naturally gray hair.

Hair Color

It is important to take care of this hair color by using blue or purple hair care products to maintain the color and neutralize color fading. It is also recommended to moisturize the hair with a hydrating conditioner and opt for a nourishing balm to strengthen them and achieve a more soft and shiny hair.

Cherry Red, the Return of Red.

Hair Color

Cherry red is making a comeback among the trendy colors of 2023. This hair color stands out with its shade that sits between bright red and dark red. It also features subtle ruby highlights to create a slightly glossy red, reminiscent of a real cherry.

It is advisable to choose a reddish-orange color if you have warm-toned skin and opt for a red with cooler undertones if you have cool-toned skin.

Hair Color

Dark Chocolate Brown

This coloration is a timeless and classic hair color that is among the must-have trends of 2023.

Hair Color

This hair color is ideal for darker skin tones, but it can also suit lighter complexions, provided the right shade is chosen. The color adds depth and shine to the hair while remaining understated and elegant. The only downside is the loss of shine and brightness after a few weeks as the color starts to fade.

Hair Color

For a successful chocolate hair color, it is important to properly maintain your hair by using products specifically designed for colored hair. Nourishing and hydrating hair care treatments help preserve the color’s vibrancy while preventing hair from becoming dry.


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