7 Short haircut ideas for 2024

7 Short haircut ideas for 2020

Nothing comes in handy for a youthful look than a cute short haircut. Here is our shortcut chart list that you might like.

1- Boyish Haircut

a modern, dynamic and a feminine haircut for the ladies.

2- Pixie haircut

A Pixie haircut is more voluminous in lower areas and more slenderer than the upper area of the head. Françoise Hardy Maye Musk, Helen Mirren or Line Renaud got it right when they went for short hair in order to add style on their hair.

3- A square short haircut

A square short haircut is also ideal if you wish to save some length and fit for curly or wavy hair. With a slender, straight or a plunging line, it is perfect for highlighting white hair and add more feminine look to it.

4- Shaved neck

Faded in lower area for motion and volume and a shaved neck with a pattern is more of an edgy and masculine style but it is very trending.

5- Hale Berry

The legendary Hale Berry’s shortcut speaks for itself.

6- A ridge haircut

It consists of pulling, pinning and holding the hair up. Using a brush and gel only, your hair would look more sophisticated and cooler without much effort.

7- Afro

What would you choose? Which short haircut would you rather go for?

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