23 haircuts to seem 10 years less old

The retro wavy

When your are aging, the appearance begins to change. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that can go back in time, and no serum or Botox injection will solve your problems, but we can all recognize that some haircuts do not help!

It may be easier to keep your current hairstyle, but we recommend you consider some of these styles that could give you 10 years less. No radical change is necessary, just a little touch of fantasy to look younger!

1. The classic bob :

It has not stolen its name, it never goes out of fashion. If you have fine hair, you should stick to short temples, but for thicker hair, a gradient can do wonders. The angle of this hairstyle highlights the cheekbones and jaw, which may suggest a beautiful bone structure.

Nevertheless, a bob that loop could make your face more complete if it is rather basic round. You should also keep in mind that a very short bob will not cover the hairline of your neck, so if you start to turn gray, you might consider a longer bob.

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