23 haircuts to seem 10 years less old

haircuts to seem 10 years less old

When your are aging, the appearance begins to change. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that can go back in time, and no serum or Botox injection will solve your problems, but we can all recognize that some haircuts do not help!

It may be easier to keep your current hairstyle, but we recommend you consider some of these styles that could give you 10 years less. No radical change is necessary, just a little touch of fantasy to look younger!

1. The classic bob :

It has not stolen its name, it never goes out of fashion. If you have fine hair, you should stick to short temples, but for thicker hair, a gradient can do wonders. The angle of this hairstyle highlights the cheekbones and jaw, which may suggest a beautiful bone structure.

Nevertheless, a bob that loop could make your face more complete if it is rather basic round. You should also keep in mind that a very short bob will not cover the hairline of your neck, so if you start to turn gray, you might consider a longer bob.

2. The short and chaotic layered cut :

As you get older, your hair becomes thinner and loses volume, but if you opt for a short and somewhat chaotic layered cut, it can make your hair look thicker. This style additionally gives a frame to your face while adding width, which will naturally draw attention to your eyes. Make sure you do not cut too short, otherwise the effect will be reversed and you will look older.

3. The layered cut :

In general, long hair looks older, but there are some exceptions. You have to bring out your benefits while hiding the less flattering. If you can not part with your long hair, make sure that they do not descend below the clavicle, a seductive body part regardless of age. A very short cut can highlight wrinkles and other problem areas, but by adding a gradient, you can lighten your face and look younger. For fine hair, the gradient should not be shorter than the length of the jaw, and for thick hair, begin the gradient on the cheekbones to accentuate your bone structure.

4. The lateral fringe :

If you want to hide the wrinkles of your forehead and crow’s feet, a side bang that ends between the eyebrow and the cheekbone is the solution. It will highlight your cheekbones and expand your face for instant rejuvenation.

The side bangs can be associated with many hairstyles, so this is an easy way to change your appearance without taking drastic action. And if you think afterwards that it does not suit you, you just have to fix it with hairpins and let it grow.

5. The pixie cut :

A specific look is necessary to be able to assume this cut, but if you have the good bone structure, the pixie cut can make you twenty years! If you have long hair, such a short cut is a big change, but it may be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Not only will this hairstyle look young and elegant, but it is really easy to maintain. If you do not want to make a big change, you can ask to integrate a gradient so that the whole is less punk!

6. The romantic wavy :

As you get older, your face tends to shrink, but a fuller hairstyle can reverse the trend by enlarging and rejuvenating your face. The romantic wavy is the way to do this because it adds volume to the hair and softens the features of the face.

Adding texture to your hair is a great way to look younger. Make sure you do not crimp your hair, because it will then start all over again!

7. The ashen layered cut :

Is his hair blond or … gray? Impossible to say it with that ashen tone. This cut is perfect for women who want to look younger without too much head. It is fun and requires little maintenance.

8. The reversed layered cut bob :

A layered cut helps to add a youthful look to any style. For older women, the cropped bob with a small layered cut is the simplest and most effective choice. If you’re naturally blonde, just add light blond highlights to give a little bit of dimension.

9.The layered bob at jaw height :

This simple cut that goes down to the jaw can liven up anyone’s style. If you want to add depth to your hairstyle, go for a shaded dark blond shade. Keep the blond light for the top of the gradient

10. The bun :

This is a timeless and elegant classic on almost everyone because it shows your neck, your jaw, and your collarbone. Although it is a rather formal style, it can be modified for your everyday look.

A tight, clean bun can certainly make you look older, but a loose, messy bun can soften your face. You can even add a braid or two to add a little fancy.

11. Modify your line :

Some say that a centered line gives a modern appearance, but it can get older due to the accentuation of any asymmetry of the face. On the other hand, an off-center line can make you look younger and even add volume to your hair.

As a change of look cheaply and almost effortlessly, we did not do better. Play with your hair to see how you like them. Even a small change can have a mastoc effect!

12. The crown of braids :

Aging sometimes has advantages. Most women find that as they age, their hair becomes thicker. It is rather positive because it makes them easier to style.

A crown of braids suggests youth and draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones. In addition, it has the effect of a small facelift on the face by gently pulling the skin.

13. The high ponytail :

With a high ponytail, your eyes become the central element of your face, and like the braid crown, it rejuvenates in a subtle way by smoothing the forehead and the skin around your eyes. Despite the popular belief that this is a childish look, a high ponytail may seem sophisticated when done well.

You can even take a few strands of hair and wrap them around or make a ponytail in bazaar with turned ends. You will not only look younger, but also a little bigger. This is the perfect and easy style for the days of hair galley!

14. The low ponytail :

The low ponytail can also take you a few years off. In addition, it’s an extremely sophisticated style! It draws attention to the eyes, smoothes the forehead and highlights the cheekbones.

It is a versatile style, suitable for both party dress and everyday wear. You can wear a smooth ponytail with a side part or spice things up a bit at the crown to get more volume and frame your face with a few strands of loose hair.

15. The retro wavy :

This is a smooth and shiny wavy. This style helps to balance and broaden the face, to hide fine lines and wrinkles and a bad skin tone. And nothing to spoil, the extra volume will make you look younger than you are.

Combine the retro wavy with a folded side stripe, and you’ll look like a youngster in no time!

16. The reversed hair tip :

Silky and perfectly straight hair is beautiful, but if it is too thin, it may look frizzy and old-fashioned. It is nevertheless possible to remedy it by adding a little texture.

You can add a messy texture with sea salt sprays and moss. You can also braid or pull wet hair, let it dry and undo to get a sexy wavy. If your hair is too stiff do not hold the texture, you can turn the ends with a curling iron or straightener, and the effect will be substantially the same. Be careful not to overdo it!

17. The top knot bun :

This is your new best friend, both elegant and extremely difficult to undo. Similar to a ponytail, it helps smooth the forehead and skin around the eyes and draws attention to them. It also highlights the cheekbones and jawline.

As it is designed to make messy, it is perfect for those days when you do not have the time. To create this djeunz look, lean your head forward, flip your hair, spray some dry shampoo on the roots and wipe it off.

Then, tie your hair loosely on top of your skull. To change, just draw some hair to frame the face.

18. Dye your hair in a slightly lighter tone :

Dark, silky, smooth hair can be beautiful and sophisticated, but there is the risk of looking dull if they are all the same color. Dyeing your hair can be a bit scary, but you do not have to change it all at all. You can also simply highlight the hair that frames your face.

Dyeing your hair a little brighter often gives a brighter, more cheerful and younger look. Always use the services of a professional, amateurism is to be avoided!

19. The brush haircut :

Turning the tips of your hair with an iron or a curling iron is a great way to get a young and fun hairstyle. For naturally wavy or frizzy profiles, just add a little moisture to wet hair and crinkle.

The texture helps to hide fine lines, age spots and a more uneven skin tone. Since the goal is a “messy” cut, maintenance is minimal. Just be sure to keep the length of your hair in mind: not lower than the clavicle and not too short on the upper layers.

20. The dancing loops :

Curly hair breathes youth, if you are lucky that this is your natural style, assume it! The texture of curly hair highlights the eyes and cheekbones and widens the face while masking imperfections.

Long curly hair can also mask the line of the jaw and any sagging skin around the neck. For well-defined curls, apply a little mousse or serum to wet hair, then slide your fingers between to separate the curls.

21. Smooth and shiny style :

To look younger, you need healthy-looking hair, so use sprays and serums to make them smooth and silky. If you need to use heat for styling, always apply a thermal protector beforehand.

You should also have a balanced diet with a lot of protein and iron because they are essential for good hair health (among other benefits).

It is also a good idea to consume a lot of omega 3 oils as well as vitamins A, C and E to maintain a hydrated scalp. The consumption of selenium and zinc can prevent your hair from becoming lighter and promote a healthy scalp. Some essential foods: eggs, oily fish, dark green and orange vegetables, nuts and seeds.

22. The out of bed style :

That’s enough to remove a few years without problem to your appearance. The smooth and structured hairstyles are a thing of the past, so do not hesitate to ruffle your hair!

Of all styles this is one of the easiest to do. Apply a small amount of gel or wax to clean the hair for texture and volume and use hairspray to lift the roots. Then apply some spotted eyeliner for a carefree look and rock’n’roll!

23. The bun in bazaar :

Try the bun in a bazaar for a young style. If you have a formal appointment, you can arrange it to be more elegant. Otherwise, take out some hair from the bun to frame your face. Make sure you highlight it because the effect is very old in case of failure.

The high bun adds volume to the top of the head, which is perfect for lightening hair. For a carefree look, you can add a braid, or for a formal look, you can wrap hair around the bun. The only limit is that of your imagination and good taste!

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