Young people’s cuts get younger after 40 years

Forty years old, the most beautiful age! Women are fulfilled and fully assume their femininity. However, once you are in your forties, it is customary to want to change your look and rejuvenate your style. Years go by quickly, but that’s no reason to let a hairstyle get old. Discover our selection of sophisticated and elegant cuts, to be adopted after 40 years!

1- The falsely dishevelled square :

Do you envy Emma Stone’s fuzzy square? Good thing, this summer hairstyle is ideal for women over 40 years old who want to bring a little vitality to their hair. It is perfect for breaking the overly wise effect of very fine hair and will bring volume to your hair in all circumstances.

2- The short disheveled :

The short hair is ideal for a rejuvenating effect and is unanimously accepted by women over 40. So take the plunge and adopt a short, dishevelled cut too!

This one brings pep’s and freshness to the face and can be easily worn on a daily basis. It is easy to clean and will appreciate a sea salt spray and a slight touch of lacquer.

3- The famous diving square :

There’s nothing like a short layered hair, to highlight your features after 40 years. A feminine and sexy diving square, it is perfect to give a youthful look after 40 years.

This hairstyle is made of a straight fringe, tapered at the eyebrow level and in a subtle way, giving it all its power. The plunging square is versatile and suitable for both straight and curly hair.

If you are cautious about choosing a straight fringe, there is also a feminine alternative to enhance your daily features. The wick side square is a highly customizable hairstyle that, smoothed or not, brings vitality to your style.

4- The twisted bun :

A beautiful bun on long or medium-length hair frees the face while giving a controlled and sophisticated effect. As the famous Amy Adams, release a few highlights hair at the temples and you’re done!

5- The graphic square :

For women who appreciate very graphic hairstyles, the asymmetrical square is ideal to rejuvenate and tone the face. It is easy to wear and will look great at work, from a romantic dinner to a weekend at sea.

6- A warm tone sweeping for dark hair :

Do you want to bring a little pep to your face after 40 years? If you have dark brown or brown short hair, you can fall for a coppery sweep. Warm tones significantly warm up the facial features and give it a soft and warm look.

7- A polar blond sweeping for lighter hair :

If you have blond or light brown short hair, nothing beats a blond wheat sweep to illuminate your face. Blond hair has the advantage of softening the lines and bringing softness to the hardest lines. 

But this colouring is not recommended if your skin tone is rather dark (we all remember Kim Kardashian’s failure!)

8- Our advice to enhance your face (Avoid long hair ) :

A very long hair usually gives a very feminine look, however, this cut unfortunately does not suit everyone. This option tends to lengthen the face and make the silhouette heavier rather than rejuvenate you.

In contrast, a length between the shoulders at the chest gives elegance to any outfit.

9- Avoid drastic color changes :

Nature often does things well and your natural colour usually matches your skin tone. For example, changing from raven black to baby blond or, on the other hand, from light brown to jet black is strongly discouraged by the majority of hairdressers.

To make your hairstyle more vibrant, nothing beats a gentle and controlled change.


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