Unveiling the Short Hair Revolution: 10 Trendsetting Cuts

10 short haircuts to try for 2020

Haircutsmag – Tired of the perpetual wig adorning your head and yearning for a fresh, glamorous short haircut? Well, this year has unveiled an array of splendid hair transformations, offering your locks a rejuvenating overhaul. Brace yourself, for short haircuts are making a triumphant return to the forefront of style.

1- The Petite Fuzzy Bob

Barney Martin, the esteemed proprietor of Barney Martin Hair, enthuses, “This square cut is the pinnacle of recent hair trends. Typically, it’s tailored to the width of the nape of the neck, granting the neck the freedom it deserves. Slice the hair around the ears, evoking an illusion of volume and dynamic motion.”

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