Top 7 Curly Hair Trends of 2024

Curly Hair Trends
Curly Hair Trends

Haircutsmag – Are you blessed with naturally curly hair and yearning to enhance its vibrancy and allure? Look no further as we present a curated selection of fantastic curly hairstyles for the year 2023.

Curly hair can be a joy to behold, but it also requires extra attention and care. Incorrect washing, conditioning, and drying techniques can result in hair problems and lackluster locks, not to mention the dreaded frizz.

We understand the unique needs of curls and coils, and we’re here to guide you through the journey of maintaining and nurturing your precious tresses. From expert product recommendations to hairstyle inspirations and comprehensive care instructions, this article aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools to embrace and celebrate your curly hair type.

Within these pages, you will discover invaluable tips on maintaining the health and beauty of your curls, while also unveiling a collection of the most captivating curly hairstyles for the upcoming year. Get ready to transform your curly hair into a magnificent crown of glory!

In this article you will discover the secrets of your curly hair type, maintenance tips and give you the trending Hairstyles for 2023!

Curly hair is a remarkable and exquisite characteristic bestowed upon many individuals. The hair follicle’s structure and its growth pattern from the scalp allow to detemine the degree of curliness.

The shape of the hair follicles influences the texture of the hair. Round follicles tend to produce straighter strands, whereas oval follicles contribute to the formation of curlier locks. The degree of curliness is further influenced by the distribution of keratin beneath the hair’s curve.

Genetics play a significant role in determining the pattern of your curls and coils. If your parents have naturally curly hair or if there is a familial history of curly hair, chances are you will inherit this trait.

Apart from genetics, environmental factors can impact the texture and curl pattern of your hair. Temperature and humidity levels, for instance, can influence the degree of curliness. Higher humidity levels tend to enhance and define curls, while lower levels may result in less pronounced curls.

The different types of curly hair

There are three hair type groups :

  • Type 1: Wavy
  • Type 2: Curly
  • Type 3: Coily/Kinky

Within these hair type groups, further classification is based on texture. Subsections are designated by letters to represent different strand widths. The letter “A” indicates wider strands, “B” suggests medium strands, and “C” represents tightly packed strands. For instance, if you have 3C hair, it signifies that you have curly hair with closely-packed and compact curls.

The Different Types of Curly Hair

7 Trending Curly Hairstyles for 2023

Seeking elegant and effortless styles, we explored a curated collection of chic hairstyles exclusively designed for curly hair. Prepare to make a bold impression with these extraordinary looks that are guaranteed to distinguish you from the rest!

These captivating curly hairstyles have gained popularity for their ability to accentuate and elevate the natural texture of your hair, allowing you to embrace and showcase its unique beauty.

1. Fluffed-out curls


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Fluffed-out curls are all about va-va-volume! The key to fluffed-out curls lies in the products you use and the way you style your hair.

How to fluff out curls

  • To volumize your curls, delicately insert a wide-tooth comb or pick into the roots and tug outwards gently. Keep in mind that you don’t have to drag it all through.
  • With this method, not only does your hair appear fuller and more voluminous but it is also lifted from the scalp.

Here’s a step-by-step video on how to fluff out your curls.

2. Curly Fringe

Growing up, I was convinced straight-haired girls were the only ones that could pull off bangs. If this sounds familiar to you, then don’t be discouraged; those of us with curly hair can wear bangs too!

Curly fringe is all the rave this year and is a super easy way to add texture and definition to your look.

Curly Fringe

Photo credit: Pinterest

3. Long Layered Curls

Long layered curls create the optical illusion of volume and length with minimal bulk, making them ideal for those who want a stylish hairstyle.

Long Layered Curls

Photo credit: Pinterest

Unlocking your naturally curly hair’s full potential is as simple as adding layers! With a layered hairstyle, you can achieve beautiful definition, texture, and movement throughout all of your curls.

Whatever your hair length and face shape may be, layered haircuts for curly hair are a perfect choice!

Long Layered Curls

Photo credit : Pinterest

4. Mid-length Curly Hair

The timeless mid-length hairstyle gracefully falls either slightly above the collarbone or in the space between your collarbone and chest, commonly referred to as the “Grown-Out Mid-Length.”

The mid-length hairstyle holds a special allure with its playful, vibrant, and lively nature. From layered cuts to curly shag styles and timeless classics, these stunning curly hairstyles are perfect for catching attention and simplifying your styling routine.

Some captivating mid-length curly hairstyles include:

  • Asymmetrical Lob
  • Angled Lob
  • Curly Shag
  • Long Bob
  • Layered Lob
  • Wolf Cut
  • Shaggy Cut

These options offer a range of versatility and allure to suit various preferences and enhance the beauty of your curls.

Mid-length Curly Hair

5. Short Haircuts

Revitalize your appearance with a trendy and edgy short haircut! While the short hair trend in 2023 may not be groundbreaking, it continues to exude a modern and fashionable vibe.

Short Haircuts

Photo credit : Pinterest

Numerous stunning short hairstyles can accentuate your innate beauty. Embracing shorter locks will alleviate the weight on your curls, allowing them to become livelier, more voluminous, and brimming with dynamism. Prepare to captivate attention wherever you go!

Short Haircuts

Photo credit : Pinterest

Short Haircuts

Photo credit: Pinterest

6. Messy Bun

The messy bun offers a delightful twist to the traditional ponytail by incorporating a looped style that keeps your hair up while allowing your curls to gracefully cascade to one side.

Even when you’re in a hurry, there’s still ample opportunity to effortlessly create a stunning messy bun, giving you a glamorous hairstyle in no time!

 Messy Bun

Photo credit: Pinterest

7. Updo With Curly Bangs

Maintaining naturally curly hair can sometimes feel like a repetitive task, especially when time is limited. During such moments, opting for a bun can be a convenient and practical solution.

Nevertheless, if you’re seeking a more distinctive flair, why not consider pairing your effortless updo with curly bangs? Whether you choose to style a high or low bun, incorporating curly bangs into the mix is sure to infuse your look with texture and definition, elevating your overall style.

Updo With Curly Bangs

Photo credit : Pinterest

Updo With Curly Bangs

Photo credit : Pinterest

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