Top 6 most influential women in Bollywood

You probably find it astonishing that Bollywood produces more movies than Hollywood and Hindu women’s presence has increased thanks to this big industry.

Certain actresses managed to make a universal impact to become the most inluencial women in Bollywood and beyond.

1- Pryianka Chopra

Pryianka is one of the most famous actresses in Bollywood. Her popularity hasn’t been only there, it has increased to the Baywatch Hollywood movie (Reproduced). She was destined to an actress. Growing up in an actors’ family, she acquired a title as Miss World in the year 2000.

She received many awards in cinema industry, including Padma Shri civil award. She is also UNICEF Ambassador as a sex equality supporter, child’s rights and education system. She is married to Nick Jonas.

2- Kareena Kapoor

Another fierce actress who started acting at age of 20 who has such an outstanding performance in many movie genres. She became the most wanted and the most paid actress in Bollywood.

After marrying actor and producer Saif Ali Khan, both of them became powerful and filled all media space.

Meanwhile, her influence reached to UNICEF where she supports young girls education cause. in addition, she launched her clothing and beauty company line.

3- Katrina Kaif

Even though she doesn’t speak Hindu, she managed to make her way through Bollywood movies. With time , she stepped her game and become one of the most paid actresses in her time.

Some of the movies she played became one of the most profitable movies of all time. she hasn’t stopped this far. Keif is involved in a charity association founded by her mother.

4- Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya is one of the most beautiful and established women in Bollywood. She started her career back when she took the miss world crown in 1994. Despite the fact that her acting career a little later, she quickly became wide known by her passionate and dramatic roles.

She is an ONUSIDA good will Ambassador and represented several organizations and charity initiatives.

It is as well impressive to see her become the first female Hindu actress as a juror in Cannes festival. All her achievements combined made her an Icon in Bollywood.

5- Anushka Sharma

Anushka started her career as a model but she quickly shifted into auditioning for movies. She had a successful start and participated in many popular movies.

She even appeared in Under 30 Forbes Asia. Her career as an actress was conducive to shed some light on sex equality and animal right. She also launched her clothing line called Nush.

6- Kangana Ranaut

It is noted that she was listed 5 times top 100 celebrity Forbes India and that demonstrates her popularity in her Bollywood. Her dramatic roles allowed her to win several prices in cinema industry and a national fame.

She is known by her elegant profile and her strong will to speak her mind. Even though it had put her through controversies, she was able to sustain her popularity.

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