Top 17 Haircuts for women over 50

Top 17 Haircuts for 50+ women

Leprechaun haircut is one of the most popular haircuts there is. It goes along with most of facial forms, fits with almost every hair texture and what is even better, it suits every woman whether she is 15 or 80 years old.

1- These short hairstyles are perfect for every aged woman

We are going to see this fabulous haircut in different older women. there is classical furious type, but we’ll allow ourselves to suggest a type that is convenient to your hair and its texture.

Keep these tricks in mind before you start doing a leprechaun haircut:

Does this haircut say something about your personality? which trick would be useful. If you are the type of person who hides behind his hair or does not like too much attention, you must think twice before you step into the Salon.

Does it bother you to go visit one? If it does, this haircut would not be for you. It is one those haircuts that needs a lot of work and concentration. You will need a new haircut every 4-6 weeks in order to make your look fresh and sophisticated.

How far can you go with your hair? If you don’t take advantage of it good enough and things didn’t go so well, you’re gonna have to wait til your hair grow again. But if you’re ready to give it a try, you do a shag or a Bob cut for a start before giving it a go.

2- Know your hair texture

A leprechaun haircut can be done on almost every hair texture, even with curly hair. Nowadays, curly hair tend to be wild by nature and that is an exception because it can be more demanding especially if cut short.

You may consult your hair stylist before taking one and make sure that your hair can be worked on without any products.

3- Consider facial form

Leprechaun haircut gives a better glamorous look on oval, square and heart-shaped faces, it adds bearing to the top of the head, which makes it more rounded in an appealing way.

“All of these details put a considerable value to cheekbones and eyes; it is like rebuilding a brand new face form.” Jimmy Paul, stylist de Magazine Allure.

It looks better on women who have wavy or straight hair. It can also make long face look even longer.

4- Body type and Leprechaun haircut

Your body type is really important for a Leprechaun haircut to look good on you. Here are some figures who proved it:

Tall and thin women can work on having one (Charlize Theron, Jamie Lee Curtis, Audrey Hepburn.. Now if you are big and have thicker body, maybe you should consider a filling haircut than a Leprechaun.

If you are a little too over-sized and have a small head, it would be the best choice. you’re gonna need some volume to make it look balanced between your head and body.

Experts say that women who have oval face should have a Leprechaun haircut. But that is not true. A lot of amazing looking women do have one and they smash in it. Do not let others say otherwise.

5- One Leprechaun, Two looks

Leprechauns haircut holds beautifully the look on women. But if you want an edgy appearance, give your hair a nice texture using cream or dough to obtain a cold bristly look like Denise Welch (Right side of picture).

Haircuts with longer fringes gives more flexibility. But for a more trendy look, hold your fringe longer for an easier brushing to the front or the back (Left side of the picture).

6- The edgy Leprechaun

This hairstyle on Judi Dench is cool and edgy looking. She could like a 15,25,40 or 65 years old woman. Add to that She is proudly showing her natural grey hair.

More and more women tend to add their natural hair to as a point of strength and make it part of their appearance.

If you have a wonderful natural grey hair color and don’t want to bother taking care of it, you should probably leave the things be and accept life changes.

7- The super stylish Leprechaun

What is not to like about the Bravo star’s Leprechaun haircut, Tabatha Coffey? she’s known by this haircut as it impersonate her powerful role she’s playing. She has the capability to look intimidating and the haircut helps with that considerably.

And this one has a long fringe swept to a side. According to the Allure Magazine stylist Anh Co Tran, this would offer more flexibility in style domain.

“Holding it up as far as possible gives the choice of sweeping it aside, split it in the middle, pull or making it wavy.” Tran declared.

“It is also suitable for almost everyone. a square chin or a rounded face is a perfect match.”

8- The haircut must match your personality

Who can bear this style? who has the guts? According to Glow site stylist Matt Fugate, this haircut is more of an attitude than a certain style on your head.

Leprechaun haircut fits well on sharp hair. Thin hair can be laid flat easilt with no need for toning wit products. A good stylist is a good choice for wonderful hairstyle and knows what suits the form of your head rather than.

9- Avoid helmet head

A Leprechaun haircut doesn’t fit thin or straight hair because it is close to the scalp and would look like a helmet on a head. The trick to avoid that is to add depth, which requires capillary when mooring.

10- A fringe with a lateral sweep

Sharon Stone is putting a short haircut with a fringe swept laterally. Fringes are perfect for aged women because it gets rid of numerous years off of your appearance and sheds light on the best of their characteristics.

However, they might make extra efforts as it needs to be cut every few weeks, as it is the same case if having a Leprechaun haircut.

11- A little furious Leprechaun

It takes guts to go out there with a short edgy haircut. Chris Jenner had that, and the results are remarkable. There is also a glimpse of sophistication with the fringe left at the back. This is optional because the fringe can be put in the forehead to add softness to the look.

12- A basic charming Leprechaun

Leprechaun cut is supposed to be a comfortable hair style and easy to deal with. Having the top of the head longer than the sides, soften the back, or putting a long fringe is another way to put one in no time.

Tilda Swinton’s haircut works well, with or without make up. It simple but charming and one of the easiest Leprechaun style to work with.

13- Extra short and edgy

Annette Bening’s haircut is voluminous and full of life. This messy look is amusing and easy to do. Simply adjust some products in the morning and do a little stir. It’ll spare you a lot of trouble.

It would be a perfect length if you don’t seem to figure out how long your hair should be.

14- Considering makeup

You probably should think about changing your makeup style since “a Leprechaun is on your head.” As long as your face is exposed you draw some attention with with the perfect makeup.

15- Do you need glasses ?

Just because you’re “a certain aged woman” who wears glasses, a doubles focused, glasses tight to a chain or a 1988 pastel frames.

Choose the right glasses and the right frames and you’ll wipe decades off of your face, choose the wrong ones and you’ll add more. A Leprechaun haircut and glasses are a tight bond.

16- Fringe or none

In her book “How not to look old”, the regretful Charla Krupp urges women to have a fringe. “Once you reach into a certain age, you’ll have better odds with a fringe.” she wrote “And everyone knows it.”

Well she is right because it can get rid of many years off of your face. Fringes can hide forehead wrinkles is you can’t stand them and accentuate your eyes and lips instead.

So it is up to a simple detail to update your hairstyle.

17- A nice Leprechaun.

The good news is no mater what texture or color your hair is, you can have a short haircut, just like Florence Henderson’s.

It is not rocket science, it adds flattery to her face and shed more light on her eyes. And like it is mentioned before, certain haircuts are ideal to only certain face forms hair textures.

For example, your haircut must give the illusion that you’ve got an oval facial form. If you have a rounded face, you need to make it look longer.

for a square head, you must reduce the chin area appearance. With a long face, your goal is to make it larger.

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