Rihanna’s 20 transformation pictures through the years


Rihanna is considered as one of the most daring artists in her time, showing up in Met Gala’s red carpet while other public figures walk around with prom dresses comfortably.

Meanwhile, For 15 years, We have been seeing Rihanna’s evolution in both music industry and her style. Getting rid of that relaxed girl from “no sense of style” Island does not happen overnight.

With her distinguished wild style on the red carpet, Rihanna became her own beauty Icon.

20- Blast from the past

This is a 2005 Rihanna in a Teen People event. This defunct magazine was the most trending Teen Pop culture in her time and Rihanna, a young woman, blended her self in perfectly with this cool looking dress. A lowered blue Jeans, a Coverse shoes and a neck chain along the belly area is what was all about that at the time.


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