Rihanna’s 20 transformation pictures through the years

Rihanna's 20 transformation pictures through the years

Rihanna is considered as one of the most daring artists in her time, showing up in Met Gala’s red carpet while other public figures walk around with prom dresses comfortably.

Meanwhile, For 15 years, We have been seeing Rihanna’s evolution in both music industry and her style. Getting rid of that relaxed girl from “no sense of style” Island does not happen overnight.

With her distinguished wild style on the red carpet, Rihanna became her own beauty Icon.

20- Blast from the past

This is a 2005 Rihanna in a Teen People event. This defunct magazine was the most trending Teen Pop culture in her time and Rihanna, a young woman, blended her self in perfectly with this cool looking dress. A lowered blue Jeans, a Coverse shoes and a neck chain along the belly area is what was all about that at the time.

19- Rihanna’s hive look (2005)

This is Rihanna’s Hip Hop’s First days in the red carpet, But this look is as hype as she could get. For the World Music Awards 2005, she had a bald makeup, a simple pony tail and this brilliant Bohemian dress.

18- An elegant Bob (2007)

Fine, We have predicted what kind of fashion we will be having in the future thanks to this upset Bob that that gave Rihanna extra glamour and her beauty did the trick.

This green bare-back dress was Roberto Cavalli’s and she chose it for the 2007 Grammys, it was a sharp look that made become as style choice of the event.

17- Big Bang (2007)

Rihanna seemed so updated with fashion long before her career began, as we can see her in a fuchsia lip and a blunt bob with a fringe.

The basic Dolce And Gabbana look that we appreciate also lifted her game up along with a vague wink to add more character.

16- Street style (2008)

Dressing up this style was suitable for the Kid’s Choice Awards event and that’s why Rihanna showed up in a more casual look.

This ruffled Leprechaun haircut was a perfect match for an H and M look. High corset and Stella McCartney gave her the “cool oldest sister” look.

15- Buffed sleeves (2009)

This 2009 Met Gala look was Rihanna’s dawn’s reign.

It was about a model being a muse to embody fashion and she killed it with a Dolce and Gabbana costume with a buffed sleeves. Critics were contradicted but a style Icon was born.

14- An HD Rihanna look (2009)

A Half-shaved haircut, a red Eye liner and a Marchesa dress altogether made Rihanna hard not to notice on the red carpet for the 2009 American music awards.

She looked structured and complex at the same time and few was able to have that.

13- Little wings (2010)

Another artistic look of the singer in a Alexandre Vauthier one piece outfit that she wore for Echo Awards 2010.

It was a little bit too much and the least favorite of lots of people, add to that the coppery fringe and green-themed eye makeup. But Rihanna could not care less.

12- A vacation’s look (2010)

Rihanna spiced it up with a red wick, a look that had been complimented for in Christmas event 2010.

The short mini skirt and the banded hair was amusing and casual, but it was more sophisticated on our beloved singer.

11- A striped transparency

Since she can easily find herself a style to go for, transparent outfits was actually an option for more years.

For the 2011 Grammys, Rihanna wore this Jean Paul Gauthier who went for transparent stripes rather than white layers.

10- Devilish attitude

Evil girl indeed. Rihanna showed some real character in the Today show 2011. This short booty and the crop top was obviously daring and accustomed to her profile.

9- Emerald-styled Rihanna

For Certain stylists, a normal blonde haircut and a simple makeup is not a big deal, but Rihanna is here to prove us wrong.

in the London Fashion Week 2012, she wore this Armani emerald-colored dress and added gold accessories for extra attraction.

8- Rihanna in Pyjamas (2012)

Now that she has experience, Rihanna became more comfortable choosing whatever the type of clothes she wants. She showed up in a Pucci one-piece Pyjamas for promoting her movie “Battlefield” in Tokyo.

While other stars chose elegance over venturing wearing like her, she simply wore what she had n mind.

7- A crystal dress

When being CFDA Fashoin Awards, it’s okay to go a little bit extra, but Rihanna Made it “Crystal clear”.

She could never appear more cheeky; an Adam Selman fishnet dress spiced up with gloves and a scarf, embellished with 21600 Swarovski crystals.

6- Loofah shower (2015)

With time, Rihanna became more inclined lively colors and extravagant looks to her style. This Giambattista Valli big pink dress is a true example of that.

5- Rihanna on Cape (2015)

Another Met Gala Look, she made a fashion fever on the red carpet by showing up in this amazing yellow cape of Guo Pei.

4- A big-hearted singer

As we have seen her earlier in her career, Rihanna takes more chances than the rest. From a casual street style into a more visual lady in a red plush jacket hanging out in New york.

According the Huffington ost, this Renard Saint Laurent costs 20000 Dollars.

3- Denim all the way

“Put the Canadian Tuxedo on the market!” Rihanna’s message to the fashion word by showing up in Tom Ford denim outfit.

The tight jacket-skirt outfit was reckless and bold along with denim boots. In 2017, This looked fantastic and was a choice for the world to give it a try.

2- Dressing up like a pope

The last Met Gala look we have mentioned was in 2018 when Rihanna majestically appeared in pope dress incarnating Catholic spirit.

This outfit was a flattery for the pope, thanks to the John Galliano OTT costume and a Judith Lieber pouch.

1- A pink night-out

The latest appearance Rihanna made the Internet be head-over-heels and inspired to call her “Thiccana” so we could instantly tell that this look claimed its spot in the fashion world this year.

This roped pink dress is part of her Fashion line Fenty, a prove that she does it her way and nothing else.

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