Hairstyle cuttings that embellish all face shapes

The morphology of women’s faces plays an essential role in the formation of their style. We all know that a tasteful woman only wears stylized haircuts. But it should not be forgotten that a wise woman looks good with a haircut that is perfectly adapted to the shape of her face, revealing the best features of her face and hiding her imperfections. Knowing its shape is the key to a perfect hairstyle for face shapes; and only when you see that it suits you, can you say that it is trendy.

There are six different face shapes, and to find the right haircut, each shape requires an individual approach. We guide you: the latest rewarding ideas we have gathered that will be useful for all faces. You will also find here some tips on how to determine the shape of your face, which is essential before making an appointment in the salon. Be inspired and remember: the shapes are not bad, but the cuts and styles are incorrect.

Sassy Long Pixie With Undercut

Long fairies are one of the best short layered hairstyles for your face shape. First, they give a well-balanced effect that harmonizes everything in your eyes: their length keeps the silhouette of your features quite soft, while the angled body of the front braids enhances their beauty. It is always a good idea to combine fairies with undercuts, as the clean sides make the effect more visible.

Wavy shoulder length Bob with side

Square faces always get along well. With asymmetrical silhouettes, no matter how visible and deep they are, make your highlights hair a perfect match for the face. The side like the one you see on this corrugated bobbin, which you can easily make at any time, can therefore make your cut according to the shape of your face, to get the most out of it. When you shake it a little, you’ll love the way the braids on the front make the body of the cup fuller, which will give it a more balanced look.

Shaggy layers in disorder

If you have a square face and want to wear long hair, ask the hairdresser for help by superimposing the hair highlights. To rebalance the slanted silhouette of your face, your hair must have enough volume on the sides and crown.

Cut in long layers with a thin fringes

Obviously, the square face is not a barrier for diapers. Layered hairstyles are among the most varied cuts, since different hair lengths can satisfy the needs of all women’s facial shapes. Look at this picture: here’s how you can create a beautiful duo with your attractive face and long hair. Thin fringes can visually change the shape of your forehead if you find it too bold, and overlays simply add movements that will never hurt you.

Charming Pixie with a baby fringes

To enhance the beauty of your facial shapes, it is best to have a short hair that will keep them open. While highlighting your best features, this short fairy with baby’s fringe can also do a little cropping: if your face is too long, the fringe of the forehead seems very elliptical, but it is a little more fanciful, it stands out with a little bit of space, but it is still very pretty.

Short Bob With Light Waves

Why don’t you embellish your oval face with frontal waves? Although you don’t need to visually elongate the silhouette of your face, it is always best to frame it at the front. It can add more texture and fullness to your layered hair so it won’t damage it. For oval faces, a little advice: choose messy, textured cuts that add volume when flat hair can make your face look too long.

Long and pretty layered hairstyle

With the magic of the front layers, you can see the shape of your face in a new light. Some oval-shaped women don’t know how lucky they are, so modern hair stylists have invented diapers: they will highlight your beauty and hide your disadvantages. A voluminous cut that makes your layered hair voluminous.

Long and thin cuts

Si vous avez besoin de quelque chose de frais pour votre âme créative, un coup fin qui frappe à peine vos sourcils sera un charmant détail. Bien que votre visage ovale n’ait pas besoin d’être masqué, cette petite mignonne peut mettre en valeur l’équilibre de votre look et vous faire une certaine place pour la diversité.

Minimalist long cut Blunt Bob

If you determine that your face is round, all that matters in your style should be the lengthening of your figure. People who do not feel safe because their faces seem too big should keep in mind that a cut as simple as a long blunt bobby is one solution for them. You can comb the curls in front so that they overlap the cheeks, which refines the appearance of your face.

Attractive and angular Bob

Another amazing way to get rid of the full face effect is to have a slightly asymmetrical body, with longer braids at the front than at the back. It is possible to wavy your layered hair, by creating a framing effect on the face that will attract attention from your rounded corners to your eyes and eyebrows. You can change the direction of each wave: it will add more volume, which is not too important for us.

Inversed-layer Bob

Everything you see when you talk about round faces: you look very round, so you need an edge. With the structure of the inverted bob, you get a slanted body at the ends, while layers increase the volume of your short layered hair form, which allows you to take on a new, more sublime visual form.

Bob with central part + layered fringes

The central part hairstyles give you more space for fascinating face actions. When you separate your layered hair symmetrical, you only leave your cut to be perfect, especially if you have a layered fringe. This image is the living proof: everything is so clean and proportional that it is difficult to discern a round face behind this elegance.


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