The morphology of women’s faces plays an essential role in the formation of their style. We all know that a tasteful woman only wears stylized haircuts. But it should not be forgotten that a wise woman looks good with a haircut that is perfectly adapted to the shape of her face, revealing the best features of her face and hiding her imperfections. Knowing its shape is the key to a perfect hairstyle for face shapes; and only when you see that it suits you, can you say that it is trendy.

There are six different face shapes, and to find the right haircut, each shape requires an individual approach. We guide you: the latest rewarding ideas we have gathered that will be useful for all faces. You will also find here some tips on how to determine the shape of your face, which is essential before making an appointment in the salon. Be inspired and remember: the shapes are not bad, but the cuts and styles are incorrect.

Sassy Long Pixie With Undercut

Long fairies are one of the best short layered hairstyles for your face shape. First, they give a well-balanced effect that harmonizes everything in your eyes: their length keeps the silhouette of your features quite soft, while the angled body of the front braids enhances their beauty. It is always a good idea to combine fairies with undercuts, as the clean sides make the effect more visible.