Celine Dion more gorgeous than ever

Celine Dion more gorgeous than ever

For some time now, the audience has been charmed by extraordinary styles of Canadian classical music and pop rock star. As we can see, since her adoption of new designer named Law Roach, Celine Dion has become more and more top and glamorous. We can see it recently in different looks, some more demented than others.


Quite feminine clothing and goes everywhere in effect, but still very daring since way Celine Dion wears it is little special. The diva is wearing set of jeans and boots, nothing strange at moment, but combines all this with black bodice made of very low-cut leather.

In bulk pants

The diva Celine Dion now allows herself total freedom in her style of clothing. This time, she decides to wear satin khaki baggy pants followed by black bomber.

Is that too much?

Celine Dion puts on long brown leather coat with snake pattern, graphic rock/metal t-shirt, fairly high Balmain boots and leather cap. It is very original look with mix of designs and textures. It is very likely that our dear Christina doesn’t validate this look.

Panther suit

Our diva Celine Dion seems to want to cost that much to rejuvenate with completely different choice of clothing style. More sober and simple before, Canadian star decided to offer another dimension to her life and gradually make us forget recent image we kept of her during her appearances.

Flower power

This outfit has in effect made many people talk. A set of long blazer jacket and flare pants with same flower pattern.  It is clothing style adopted in 1960, so it isn’t necessarily highly regarded nowadays. But as saying goes, tastes and colors are not discussed, so let’s let Celine do her crazy things as much as she wants.

Tropical print

Usually very relaxed and classy for summer and spring, tropical print doesn’t look so good on our dear Celine who decides to make it very bland sleeveless jacket.


It becomes too much and little old when everything is matched when it comes to clothing. A mixture of patterned pants, platform shoes, all topped with border and bag reminiscent of combination.


Although she is already well-known celebrity in four corners of globe, it seems that Canadian singer is desperate to be in spotlight at this time. We can judge because lately, his clothing has been subject of lot of chatter.

Asymmetrical dress

Celine Dion is opened up to everything: she allows herself all colors, designs, drawings etc. here, she opts for asymmetrical khaki dress that dominates black leather thigh boots and shows none of her beautiful legs.


Normally prints are worn with measure, but here diva makes surprising arrangement that doesn’t make you want to look.

Glitter boots

Completely dressed in black, Celine decided to add a little touch with her glitter boots.

Style with orange

This look with orange is brightly colored but nevertheless impressive. Orange satin blouse with strap around neck showing shoulder, combined with beige skirt adorned with golden glitter that can also be seen on her heels. We can say for sure that Celine Dion is in love with glitter.

Urban nomad

This completely khaki suit is sublimated with range of gold jewellery. It is difficult not to notice her triangular earrings without forgetting her lovely rings and heavy bracelet. Convenient and harmonious, this can be described as perfect urban nomad style.


You probably don’t know it, but great modelers also create dungarees, and ones our adorable Celine wears are made by Givenchy.  We clearly feel lack of elegance and beauty in this outfit, despite the fact that it is haute couture. Nevertheless, it is worn with white shirt, high heels shoes surrounded by white stones and finally large Gucci bezel that is absolutely ostentatious, expensive and flashy.

Yellow tunic

Between Celine Dion and thigh boots, it’s great love story. This time to attract attention, Celine opted for small black leather jacket, black bag, black glasses and decided to add to this set layer of yellow with perfect yellow tunic. Finally, she has brilliantly achieved her purpose.

A dress with flowers as motif

The celebrity loves floral prints too. She chose to dress here in pink dress with half-long sleeves. She then marries her with black heels shoes and beautiful sunglasses.

Gucci set

She can be strangely confused with a baseball player in this Gucci costume that she sublimates with her latex boots still made by Gucci and black leather bag.

Smoking Balmain

Celine Dion appears this time in black Smoking Balmain dress matching studded turtleneck suit. The perfect marriage with pretty pouch of same color.

Embroidered overcoat

This embroidered Gucci sweater dominates pure green satin pants and is quite laughable. It’s really fanciful and makes it look like costume that comes straight from somewhere else.

All in white

Celine Dion is currently wearing different styles of clothing. With this all-white style and large hat, we can say that she definitely opted for unusual outfits. His coat is also amazing. She was dressed this time by Ralph and Russo.

Dressed in full green

This green set gives impression that Celine Dion and her stylist are not earthlings. And when we talk about total green we aren’t exaggerating, especially since his whole body is covered with this bright color. Earrings, shoes, jewellery, nothing is spared.

Met Gala

Celine Dion wanted to play big for her first participation in met gala. But objective was simply not achieved, his efforts were indeed in vain. It was almost failure. Her dress combined with black and glitter, her make-up that didn’t highlight her face and her rather strange hairstyle, everything went wrong on her.

Photo Shooting

The Quebec singer chose to have a great time during her long tour in city of Paris. Invited to concert series, Celine is playing models for famous magazine vogue. Celine danced to flamenco tunes in her grey suit by Dior.

Billboard Awards 2017

Concerning parade on red carpet, Celine knew how to put herself to test: huge slash, voluptuous shoulders, long, sublimated curves, she was simply graceful.

Graphic coat

After rock, printed, fluorescent, floral and other styles, this diva decided to put herself in rather Good Chic Good Genre style that was quite colorful. Long drawing coat, massive glasses, suede handbag, Celine has become fashion queen.

Lace dress

The great Celine is now putting whole package into her clothing makeover. This time, lady with angel voice confirms her place in the world of fashion and wears dress half dress half fine lingerie very daring.

Great lover of Glitter

During her tour, all singer’s fans approved this very comfortable glitter ensemble, or at least everyone, because we are part of lot.

Lace dress

Celine has been making a lot of look changes since her return to forefront of fashion scene. His choice for this shot is made on rather sober and simple outfit. An ochre lace dress with large pastel pink collar. This outfit is perfect combination of elegance and wisdom, giving it youthful look.

Shirt xxl

Since her adoption of new styles, Celine has never remained the same. These tight waders with floral prints are one of his last pieces to be seen. In this one piece of clothing, she was able to bring together all styles she became addicted to.

Yellow trench coat

When it comes to choosing her clothes, Celine doesn’t give a damn about people’s eyes and thoughts. That’s what motivates her to experience color with this long yellow trench coat she combines with other colors (black and white) to make a little fantasy.

Billboard Awards 2016

All this metamorphosis begins with this golden dress and YSL shoes for Billboard Awards 2016 and from that time on, singer has been focus of attention.

Even in state of sobriety

Even with totally dark sets, Celine is nevertheless attractive. She impresses with her clothes, each more authentic than the next.

In suit

A multicolored suit that she assembles with velvety laced shoes, huge sunglasses and white leather bag. In this outfit you will see mixture of red, white and blue. That’s how new Celine looks like.

Mirror ball

A sparkling combination that is convenient but not chic enough. She harmonizes this outfit with matching pumps.

Immense knot

The new fashion girl has had a big impact on us lately. She particularly charmed us with this Vichy Dice Kayek printed blouse worn over black pants from her own Celine collection, and Tom Ford high heels shoes. It was really elegant.

Flashy green suit

A rather surprising set with only green color and embellished by buttons in middle, flower pattern at neckline and bell sleeves. Finally, she hangs pretty Gucci leather handbag on her arm, matching outfit and darker green flanged pumps to enhance her monochrome style.

Grey set

This time she opted for rather classy choice. A grey suit with Balmain blouse-robe, grey pants, high suede boots, Ugo Mozie hat in colours that look alike enough and escape wrapped around of neck.

Elegance as seen by Celine

A black leather top with coat of same color put on large pair of tile drawing pants. For her pretty feet she allows herself thin heels boots for top and feminine style.

Dressed in full black

Celine Dion puts aside princess style with her dresses for totally unusual choice. Black suits her very well with this custom-made jacket worn over black leather pants that enhances her long legs. She wears pretty matching leather gloves, pointed heels pumps and black shoulder bag with chain as strap. Its curls are sequined. Objective achieved for the diva.

Jeans fashion

Celine exceptionally wears jeans for this outing. She has lost some of habit of using it since her transformation, although this piece is of great importance. She combines these faded blue jeans with white T-shirt, leather coat with half-long sleeves and steering wheel, combined with graphic scarf. The perfect style for singer.

In sport mode

It comes with this proven outfit that star is not always forced to wear high fashion. This time she opted for rather relaxed and comfortable style. A simple set of blue color.

Short black dress

Celine apparently loves black. She confirms it with this chic, black dress by Yves Saint Laurent.  She is really beautiful in this outfit that is perfect for her age and shape.

His love for thigh boots

You’ve probably noticed that Celine likes thigh boots. She has enough and various colors in her dressing room.

Perfect style        

With all her clothes, this one fits her very well and can certainly put her among greatest fashion enthusiasts.

Long dress             

Celine loves colors, and all colors fit her. She appears in mustard yellow dress, belted, black pointed boots shoes and matching belt. Another style she loves.

Small oval dress in flower

Here is beautiful Celine again in rather classy style. A short multicolored dress with floral prints that perfectly enhances it.

Dress with ruffle

Everything Celine decides to enhance it enhances it. We see her on this occasion with dress with chicken foot design, matching gavroche hat. His return to nineties was successful.

Celine Dion, transformed

Let’s finish this long thread, this totally bold style. Here Canadian star wears leather pants and suit jacket, accompanied by very slender corset. This set is one of most astonishing and audacious of Canadian divas. A style that many will not appreciate.


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