8 Trending hair style to try for 2024

New year, new decade, new haircuts. We have unearthed the most trending hair style for you to give it a try.

1- Shag haircut

Since the seventies, this haircut comes on and off in fashion world but it will be the 2020 kicker, according to experts. It has multiple hair length choices without much volume and it usually goes with a fringe.

2- Dip-dye Coloring

It is about a thin layer of small hair color at the tips. The aim is make your hair look slightly “dipped”.

3- Silver blonde

the word “blonde” in 2020 doesn’t mean golden but more likely silver; More cold color, that requires a silver toner. In order to maintain this freezing look on your hair, use a mauve Shampoo and a hair must.

4- Big elastic hair darling

5- Caramel reflexion

The 2020 version of this hairstyle is golden but it would look more shiny at its best. It is a perfect coloration to those who are used to blonde locks of hair.

6- Jewels accessories with “Vintage” Effect

whether it was a headband, a hair clip done with fake accessory, you will see lots of them this year. they are chic and classic options that can be used in any manner.

7- Hair Braid

The Fashion weeks tend to show over and over trending looks that could take the fashion world to the next level. And again, braids are LA fashion tendencies. For long or short hair, they can be twisted, make waves with indefinitely.

8- Bed Head

The “just got out of bed” effect is back; hair lightly combed but not treated with any product. Air also can help making it look fresh by adding more motion to it.

Sophia Martinez

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