10 very elegant short hairstyles for women


For women, these short, elegant summer hairstyles are a perfect source of inspiration to renew their current look – or a complete makeover of style and colors!  It is obvious that many of us still walk around with short layered hairstyles that do not highlight our best facial features.  Of course, if you don’t mind.  On the other hand, most of us gain a lot of pride and self-confidence by looking their best. Who wouldn’t want to hide out when you have a “bad hair” day!  These summer hairstyles will balance the morphology of your face, enhance your eyes, lips and cheekbones, and generally give you a few years less when you feel younger than before.

Short hair, asymmetrical for women with dense hair

The trend for neck tattoos has made short layered hairstyles more popular than ever!  This model balanced the soft colors of her tattoos with a medium brown hue, quite brown with a copper-gold hue.  This beautiful short hairstyle is perfect for dense hair and an active lifestyle, as it is a trendy and easy to maintain hairstyle.  This asymmetry creates a very elegant side sweep, long fringes and a stack of layers create a fantastic volume!

Short layered hairstyles are currently the main choice of young innovators!  On the other hand, the hard platinum blonde shade of recent years has been eliminated in favour of a soft beige-blonde shade, which further softens the effects of colour.


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