10 very elegant short hairstyles for women

For women, these short, elegant summer hairstyles are a perfect source of inspiration to renew their current look – or a complete makeover of style and colors!  It is obvious that many of us still walk around with short layered hairstyles that do not highlight our best facial features.  Of course, if you don’t mind.  On the other hand, most of us gain a lot of pride and self-confidence by looking their best. Who wouldn’t want to hide out when you have a “bad hair” day!  These summer hairstyles will balance the morphology of your face, enhance your eyes, lips and cheekbones, and generally give you a few years less when you feel younger than before.

Short hair, asymmetrical for women with dense hair

The trend for neck tattoos has made short layered hairstyles more popular than ever!  This model balanced the soft colors of her tattoos with a medium brown hue, quite brown with a copper-gold hue.  This beautiful short hairstyle is perfect for dense hair and an active lifestyle, as it is a trendy and easy to maintain hairstyle.  This asymmetry creates a very elegant side sweep, long fringes and a stack of layers create a fantastic volume!

Short layered hairstyles are currently the main choice of young innovators!  On the other hand, the hard platinum blonde shade of recent years has been eliminated in favour of a soft beige-blonde shade, which further softens the effects of colour.

Shaken champagne-blonde-short hairstyle for women

This pretty natural blond shade on slightly darker tinted roots.  It thus enhances the magnificent texture, without spoiling the naturalness of the colour.  This style of cutting is suitable for medium and fine hair, because many layers, texture and a tousled finish add material to the hairstyle.

Short, shiny and lively hair for women in red

An intense red can give you a discolored appearance if you choose the wrong tone.  In addition, you may need a color correction hair to make your lipstick look brighter and your features look daring red.  This hairstyle is one of our favorites to highlight short and elegant haircuts!

The intense shade blends with extreme asymmetry and the shaved undercut contrasting with a longer side.  The pattern is darker to accentuate the beautiful texture and style of this shortened, elegant hairstyle!

Beautiful short hairstyle shell pink for women with fine hair

Fine, blonde hair is ideal for this super sexy and colourful summer hairstyle!  A shell pink and pearly blonde color create a beautiful intensity of light and dark color on fine hair.  They match the playful tattoos on the neck and the piercings on the mannequin’s nose.

The layering creates weightless hair that can easily be removed to achieve a better volume effect on the contours of the crown.  The beautiful layers combed forward form a fascinating fringe with well-defined parts.  The V-shaped neck is also one of the latest creations!

Place stretchy layers on an elegant beige-blonde bowl

Blond and beige shades are not only very fascinating for the elderly, they also highlight the blue and green colour of the eyes!  Imagine if a classic model, cut in the bowl, could look so elegant?  Sculpted between the crown and the front line, with divided sides to show the ear, this jewel gives a trendy and modern look.  This short layered hairstyle is charming for a well-fringed woman!

Small short brown bob with flamboyant raspberry and copper sweeping

When you decide to choose your star colours on a brown base, take a close look at your favourite clothing colours.  Because nothing seems worse than the difference in color between hair and clothes!  The intense autumn hair tones of this high-quality short layered hairstyle are perfectly matched with the mannequin’s denim blue jacket and plum-coloured tank top.  Its long fringe is raspberry-coloured and its upper layers are coppery with a raspberry sweep.  The overall look blends well together, since both plum and raspberry are blue-pink in color, while orange is complementary color to blue on the color wheel!

Elegant urban hairdressing for fine hair with grey and lavender sweeping

This summer hairstyle with a pixie look is a simple and beautiful hairstyle with lots of style and real’added value’!  The division of the levels allows the model to conform and give an accentuated shape to the face.  To get a good size, simply comb the hair forward from the top.  In addition, the fuzzy side part leading to a fringe on one side of the forehead gives an elegant and relaxed touch. To accentuate the textured layers, the dark blonde base colour is enhanced with ash-blond. The lavender-white blonde sweep brings a discreet touch of light color at a time!

Small silver and ash-blond bob on dense hair

hick white hair is beautiful thanks to the new silver, violet and pink tones that give it a touch of elegance and style!  In addition, the new V-shape of the superposed back gives the nape of the neck a super attractive detail.  This classic asymmetrical  short layered hairstyle is always modern and refined, for women over 50 years old, while still being a dream hairstyle.  To look younger, opt for a modern cut and make sure the hairdresser adapts it to your figure!

Small pale golden blond and pearly bob for fine short hair

This short, elegant and girly hairstyle is adjacent to the silver-colored hairstyle, which underlines that it is a very pale gold hue – not silver.  Moreover, thanks to such a bright and beautiful colour, this small asymmetrical bob is the perfect way to bring it out.  Long hair retains the thickness of the hair around the head and hair loss is natural around the neck and on the sides, thanks to quality folds.  Slightly darker, they create an additional texture and colour density. In addition, the extra-long fringes are gently detached on one side and reflect a fascinating light on the face!

Straight cut hairstyle for medium and fine hair

For sportswomen, the lifestyle includes hair that is easy to maintain.  But beauty and femininity probably also have their place in your fashion look!  This simple hairstyle has clean contours and tapered ends to help fine hair look fuller.  And to beautify brown hair, medium golden blonde highlights are all you need for a short layered hairstyle, trendy and elegant!


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