10 Classic Bob short hair and color, Best hairstyles for short hair


The classic hairstyles are even more beautiful these days, as young stylists keep creating incredible short hair fringes! And hairdressers are not the only ones who go beyond the limits for ever more attractive short layered hairstyles. For colorists, it’s also a very creative moment, with beautiful new colors and new scanning ideas! Is your ideal hairstyle waiting for you down below?

Purple haze on dishevelled black bob-classic short bob hairstyles

This black hairstyle is superb with dishevelled and irregular ends! Its eccentric part is adapted to the different faces and allows to shape the contours of the forehead to stretch hair loss. The curly sides soften and draw the face, accentuating your eyes. Cover it relaxed behind one ear to increase the relaxed asymmetry. In addition, this soft purple tone is splendid with fresh skin tones!


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