10 Classic Bob short hair and color, Best hairstyles for short hair

The classic hairstyles are even more beautiful these days, as young stylists keep creating incredible short hair fringes! And hairdressers are not the only ones who go beyond the limits for ever more attractive short layered hairstyles. For colorists, it’s also a very creative moment, with beautiful new colors and new scanning ideas! Is your ideal hairstyle waiting for you down below?

Purple haze on dishevelled black bob-classic short bob hairstyles

This black hairstyle is superb with dishevelled and irregular ends! Its eccentric part is adapted to the different faces and allows to shape the contours of the forehead to stretch hair loss. The curly sides soften and draw the face, accentuating your eyes. Cover it relaxed behind one ear to increase the relaxed asymmetry. In addition, this soft purple tone is splendid with fresh skin tones!

Uncommon short bob hairstyles in orange and yellow

By promising you a wonderful imagination, I embarked on a new version of the classic bobsleigh! This chic and trendy hairstyle completely overturns the classic “feminine”, smooth and elegant style. The skin tones are beautiful with soft orange and blond yellow tones.

And it’s easy to style the cuts in several layers in these modern, twisted and well-defined highlights hair. Add a simple “fringes” and you’re ready to set the world on fire!

Surface waves on short classic hairstyles

This artistic approach to classic bobsledding brings together a large number of interesting new features! Reversed waves, creating trends, break the surface by movement, texture and volume. And behind it, we find an elegant and vintage volume. On the other hand, the neck is not well defined, but it is surrounded by longer layers that overlap at the neck. And to highlight these incredible details, the hair colouring of the short hair combines beautiful shades of ash, caramel and taupe!

Classic short bob hairstyles, neutral-blond, fluffy all over the top

The lightest blonde tones can age if you do not get a color correction hair that matches your complexion. This pretty neutral beige-blond is an excellent alternative to platinum ash blond, which is ideal for fresh skin tones. So, if your skin is neutral or warm, it is possible to tone your white-blonde skin with a soft, beige tone like that! It is much more flexible and captivating.

Ginger & blond long-hairstyle for thick hair

We present you a long or short summer hairstyle very popular in this season! Indeed, it’s a very stylish look, full of pointed, irregular and dishevelled touches. This medium haircut, upside down, harmoniously connects the chin and collar at the nape of the neck, with soft and silky waves. With a soft, blond ginger sweep, you get a lot of texture and movement for a very feminine silhouette!

Two-tone blonde sweeping bob on taupe colored roots

We like medium short bobs for a simple and everyday look. It is composed of long layers with tapered tips that form a natural hair loss. But a hue updated in two or three shades of light blond and beige beautifully tones the dark blond base colours. If you’re looking for a more refined look, opt for this casual side-scan version!

A little old gold bobby with a nice upside-down style

Wearing blonde shades requires the help of an experienced stylist. In everyday life, beauty is more and more fascinating, when the medium blond shades, warmer and more seductive, are revealed at some point. In addition, this lively cut in the centre of the room shows a modern style, with layered hair and soft golden and golden colours with old gold, resulting in hair that looks healthier and more natural, which is the best way to stay young!

Light honey blond bob with fluffy layers-fine to medium hair

It is often said that straight highlights hair are only for dense hair, but there are a large number of women who have well-cut hair, and who are abundant! This hairstyle brings a touch of youth and pleasure to a long chin bob cut on medium textured hair, in a professional way. They have textured tips that give a solid look to the base. Dark roots under a soft honey blonde, gives a darker 3D hue. And the windproof style is very attractive!

A standard bob with vertical blond reflections

Classic short layered hairstyles remain popular because they are particularly suitable for many different faces/age groups and hair types. Perfect for showing a long face and remains ultra elegant wherever you go. The sides are delicately cut in parallel layers, just above the ends, to obtain a more natural line. In addition, its three neutral and silky blond reflections give it a pretty appearance!

Pale copper blonde hair/neutral blonde trendy corrugated bob

For some time now, hair products have been very popular! It is possible to put it in fresh and neutral shades, but also in traditional warm shades. So if you’ve never thought of a coppery hair color before, this very elegant bob may change your mind. Copper and bronze blend with neutral copper brown and white-blond in a new and exciting palette of colours.

These fresh bob bob hairstyles, give back to the classic bob a great help! So, if you have a hairdressing routine and want a more neat look, it is easy and ideal for all circumstances – just choose it!


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