Top 6 most influential women in Bollywood


Haircutsmag – It’s quite remarkable that Bollywood churns out more movies than Hollywood, and the increasing presence of Hindu women in this expansive industry has been quite notable.

Within this dynamic landscape, certain actresses have managed to transcend borders and cultures, becoming influential figures not only within Bollywood but also on the global stage.

1- Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra stands as one of the most renowned actresses in Bollywood, with her impact extending far beyond its borders. Her journey took her from the realms of Bollywood to the Hollywood shores of Baywatch, marking an extraordinary transition. Born into an illustrious family of actors, her destiny was seemingly preordained.

Crowned as Miss World in 2000, she has since accumulated numerous accolades within the film industry, including the prestigious Padma Shri civil award. In addition to her cinematic triumphs, Chopra is an impassioned advocate for gender equality, child rights, and education, a role she embodies as a UNICEF Ambassador. A wedding to pop star Nick Jonas further elevated her international profile.

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