Nothing comes in handy for a youthful look than a cute short haircut. Here is our shortcut chart list that you might like.

1- Boyish Haircut

a modern, dynamic and a feminine haircut for the ladies.

2- Pixie haircut

A Pixie haircut is more voluminous in lower areas and more slenderer than the upper area of the head. Fran├žoise Hardy Maye Musk, Helen Mirren or Line Renaud got it right when they went for short hair in order to add style on their hair.

3- A square short haircut

A square short haircut is also ideal if you wish to save some length and fit for curly or wavy hair. With a slender, straight or a plunging line, it is perfect for highlighting white hair and add more feminine look to it.

4- Shaved neck

Faded in lower area for motion and volume and a shaved neck with a pattern is more of an edgy and masculine style but it is very trending.

5- Hale Berry

The legendary Hale Berry’s shortcut speaks for itself.

6- A ridge haircut

It consists of pulling, pinning and holding the hair up. Using a brush and gel only, your hair would look more sophisticated and cooler without much effort.

7- Afro

What would you choose? Which short haircut would you rather go for?

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!