Pixie hairstyle is a very flattering style that can easily make years of your age disappear! From its original, ultra-short form, the pixie cut has evolved into a wide range of fashionable short cuts. Designers can therefore adapt a pixie hairstyle to the texture of your diaper hair and bring out the most beautiful contours of your face!

Short brunette Bob with a beautiful strawberry- blonde highlights hair- pixie hairstyles

You can’t find a more elegant look than this little bobby, or long goblin. It has a fashionable asymmetrical cut, which can be modified to fit all facial shapes. By adding a shaggy touch with textured tips, you can update your endless style. And curly hair in the back, highlights the pretty curved profile. The thin, strawberry-blond strands separate strong and dark hair, and are folded into a relaxed, easy-care, elf-shaped back.